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Evergreen Cheer Bamboo Socks

Sale price£9.99

Warm Winter Thick Socks. Soft, Breathable, Ethical - Buy One, our suppliers donate one to the Homeless

The story of Thriving Earth's Sustainable Bamboo Socks is one woven not just from sustainable bamboo fibres, but from compassion and purpose. With every pair you purchase, our suppliers donate a pair to a homeless organisation, making you an integral part of a cycle of giving and receiving.

The crafting of these socks is as ethical as the concept behind them. The bamboo is sustainably grown and transformed into fibres through an eco-conscious process, setting the standard for responsible fashion.

These socks are a perfect fit for:

Everyday wear - breathable and moisture-wicking.
Fitness and Yoga - they provide excellent foot grip.
Winter nights - bamboo has thermal-regulating properties.

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Evergreen Cheer Bamboo Socks Sale price£9.99