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Razor Blade Disposal Tin

Sale price£9.49

The plastic-free safety razor blade disposal tin comfortably holds 100 razor blades. Compact and discrete, it can be stored on your bathroom while keeping them sage from children and pets. When your razor blade storage bank is full, simply remove the bottom to dispose of the razor blades. Alternatively, tape up the top of your razor blade disposal container and throw it away.

Set Contains:

1 x Steel razor blade storage bank (wrapped in recycled kraft paper)


The razor blade recycling tins are fitted with a tight metal lid on the bottom, making them drop-resistant and difficult to open. However, we still recommend storing them out of reach of children and animals to prevent injuries.

To recycle razor blades, send them to Terracycle, a specialist recycling centre with outlets in the UK/US. 

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Razor Blade Disposal Tin Sale price£9.49