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Bamboo Snack & Dip Bowls (15cm Diameter)

Sale price£16.99


These bamboo snack and dip bowls add a rustic touch to any gathering. Handmade from spun bamboo and adorned with a charming terrazzo pattern, these bowls are perfect for serving potato chips, mixed nuts, or other delectable accompaniments at parties.

Sourced from natural and organic Vietnamese bamboo renowned for its light tone and sustainable growth, our bamboo bowl sets are eco-friendly choices that don't contribute to deforestation. Lightweight and versatile, these bowls seamlessly blend into any home decor, making them a delightful addition to your tableware collection.

Each set includes two bamboo snack and dip bowls, handcrafted with care to ensure sturdiness and durability. With a neutral terrazzo pattern that exudes style and elegance, these bowls are not only perfect for serving snacks and dips but also serve as charming storage for keys, jewellery, or small trinkets. With dimensions of 15cm in diameter and 6cm in height, they are ideal companions for both casual gatherings and special occasions, offering a sustainable and stylish way to enjoy your favorite snacks.

Bamboo Snack & Dip Bowls (15cm Diameter)-0
Bamboo Snack & Dip Bowls (15cm Diameter) Sale price£16.99